Customer Service – Temporary role

Call Centre and Customer Service

Job description

  • Do you enjoy temping as a lifestyle?
  • Are you looking for diversity?
  • $20-23 per hour plus 8% holiday pay

At Beyond Recruitment we are always looking for Customer Service /Call Centre agents who are available to fill temporary roles across Auckland city.

Do you enjoy temping as a lifestyle?

  • A variety of Companies and Industries across Auckland are available

Are you looking for diversity in your career?

  • The skills you gain as a temp and adapting to different organizations is priceless!

Are your worried about the financial risk?

  • $20-23 per hour plus 8% holiday pay is guaranteed

There are lots of reasons why people temp

  • You might be looking for your ideal permanent job and want to keep the $ coming in until you find it. 
  • You might be from overseas on a working holiday Visa and can't commit to a permanent role
  • You might be someone who enjoys the variety of meeting new people, gaining new skills, and the ability to prove your value!

If you have 2 years+ of similar experience and are confident with customer engagement over the phone, then we can place you today in an assignment that will enhance your CV!

If you have a positive and versatile attitude to work and are able to fit into a variety of company cultures then ‘temping’ might suit your personality.

If you have fantastic communication skills to absorb instructions quickly and are available immediately for the next 3 months or more then ‘temping’ might suit your lifestyle.

If you are interested in temping opportunities and have the relevant work experience to draw on, please contact Rachel Lanham Black, Recruitment Specialist at Beyond Recruitment or submit your application through the link below.

Job Ref: 101676